We are proud to announce that Arrow Electronics and Siemens MindSphere have chosen Shiratech’s iCOMOX™ solution for Siemens’ MindSphere predictive maintenance cloud platform. The video shows Arrow Electronics demonstrating Shiratech’s iCOMOX™  ‘Plug & Play’ industrial 4.0 platform.


Shiratech’s Intelligent Condition Monitoring Box – iCOMOX™ – offers an Industry 4.0 ready End-to-End solution for condition-based monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance of industrial equipment, assets and structures. 

Predict The Future

iCOMOX™ features five high-quality sensors that enable the precise monitoring of vibrations, magnetic-field, temperature, sound and current. Using advanced AI and machine learning technology on edge this innovative solution provides real-time data about machine health, which is relayed directly to the cloud for analysis, providing insights that enable your company to plan, predict and prevent performance issues.

Minimize unplanned downtime

Condition Monitoring to prevent future faults

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintenance on demand and not based on schedule

Increase production efficiency

Always 100% control about your asset

Extend asset lifetime

Optimized maintenance cycles

Plug & Play Solution

5 min installation. Simple to use.

Use Cases

Technical data


ICOMOX and Siemens’ MindSphere cloud