Spark-501 – Standard SMARC System On Module (SOM)

 Product Overview

The Spark-501 is a standard SMARC System-On-Module (SoM) based on Atmel’s  SAMA5D3 CortexTM -A5 system on chip. It offers enhanced power consumption by using a LP-DDR2 memory reducing the power consumption for both normal and standby operation modes.  For storage the module offers both NAND flash and/or  large  eMMC storage.

The module offer one or two Ethernet ports with built in Phy. For IOT applications which requires wireless connectivity the module offers a build in Wi-Fi/BLE module.


  • Standard SMARC format
  • Ready to use control, HMI and processing module
  • Low power consumption
  • Build in Wi-Fi/BLE module
  • Perfect solution for IOT gateway & data concentrator applications
NameAtmel SAMA5D3
TypeARM Cortex A5
CPU clock536MHz
Floating point unitVFPv4
Cache32-KB instruction and 32-KB data L1 cache
L2 CacheNA
RAM512MB MB LP-DDR2, 32bits wide @166Mhz
Flash256MB, Up to 1GB Nand
eMMC4GB eMMC, option for 32GB
Ethernet10/100 port with build in phy10/100/1000 Ethernet with IEEE1588 support with build in phy( D36 only)
USART3 x ports (TX, Rx, CTS, RTS, CK)
UART1 x ports (Tx, RX)
USB3 x interfaces (2 x Host, 1 x Host/Device)
I2C3 x interfaces
SPI2 x SPI interface
GPIO 3.3VThe number can varied according to configuration
ADCup to 5
HS SD Card/SDIO/MMCSingle bus
CAN1x CAN interfaces
RGB18 bits per Pixel , 1280×720 pixels
Resistive touch4/5 wire build in support
SSCFor audio support
Encryption Engine:AES, TDES, SHA
TRNGTrue Random Number Generator
Secure bootAtmel® Secure Boot support
Dedicated UART Rx,Tx only
JTAG(optional on module)For ICE connectivity
Power input 3.3-5V input
Battery  input For RTC
Power consumption 
Running mode(typical)0.4W @ 528Mhz
 Suspend to RAM mode10mW
Commercial temp.0° to +70° C
Industrial temp.-40° to +85° C
Connector314  edge Connector
Dimensions82 x 50 mm (2.7 x 1.85 inch)
Operating system 
LinuxDebian ver. 7.0, Yocto Jethro 2.0
WindowsWindows Embedded Compact 7 and 2013









  • Linux user guide
  • eMMC foramt and download process

Reference documentation:

The Spark-501 has three storage options:

  • Internal NAND flash memory offering 256MB to 1GB.
  • eMMC 4GB or 8GB eMMC for file system and user data.
  • SPI NOR Flash either on carrier board or SOM for boot , can be combined with an external SD for file system and storage

Each version is provided for both NAND and SD/eMMC options.

Yocto version 

  • Kernel 4.1
  • Yocto branch: jethro

Image and source files

Getting started 

Debian Version 1.5

  • Support for Kernel 3.10
  • Debian 7.0
  • eMMC support
  • Small foot print

Image and source files

Getting started V1.5

Windows Embedded Compact 7 and 2013window

  • Full BSP support for the Spark-501

Windows supported features

SparkGate-7 Open IoT Gateway

Device to cloud control and communications – ready to integrate in your product



The SparkGate-7 is an open IoT gateway that provides device-to-cloud control and communications. The gateway is a complete software and hardware solution that is ready to integrate in your product.

The SparkGate-7 is completely modular. You can customize the board, chose the optimal SMARC SOM for your IoT application and add your own expansion modules. You can even use the SOM and software in your own carrier board.


  • SoM+ Platform slashes development time by 18 months on average
  • Proven IoT gateway that is deployed in dozens of locations around the globe
  • The only SMARC standard open IoT gateway on the market with ready to use hardware and software, including:
    • SMARC-standard ARM SOM
    • Cellular service
    • Cloud connectivity via REST, JSON, HTTP
    • Secure cloud communications with SSL
    • Multiple low power radios: WiFi/BT, BLE, THREAD, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN
  • Very low power, perfect for battery powered applications
  • Robust hardware suitable for outdoor deployment in any weather
  • Use full gateway or integrate the SOM and software in your own carrier board

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